A Survey on Street Harassment

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Hollaback has teamed up with Cornell University’s ILR School professor Beth Livingston to study the experiences and impacts of street harassment internationally, through cooperation with Hollaback’s many local activism sites.

What are we doing? We are launching online surveys in countries on six continents, translated into multiple languages. Links to these surveys will be tweeted, blogged, facebook’ed and emailed worldwide with the hope of gathering data on street harassment that can be used to better understand its impacts in an international context. Links specific to your location are provided below.

What can you do to help? Complete a survey! When you see the survey, complete it and send the link on to others who may or may not be familiar with the movement. The more respondents—men and women—the better.

What can you expect? The survey asks about demographics, experiences with harassment, reactions to it, and other questions. It is completely anonymous. Summary reports and press releases can be expected early in 2015.

Not from Pittsburgh? Check the full list of sites and surveys here. If you can’t find your city, choose the closest one. Take the Pittsburgh survey now!

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