Ms. Bridgett’s Story

Every time I enter I greet everyone with a good morning…10 min later

Barber who shall remain nameless: “You need to smile more.”
Me: “Do you tell men they need to smile more?”
Him: “No I don’t care whether or not a man smiles, a lady should smile.”
Me: “Well every woman isn’t day daydreaming about rainbows and butterflies. There’s a time to smile and a time to be pre occupied in thought where the last thing I’m thinking about is a smile.”
Him: “well when you come in here, you smile.”
Me…continues with #restingbitchface
Men, women aren’t always day dreaming about rainbows and butterflies no more than you spend daydreaming about football and beer.
We are businesswomen with a full plate, wives, mothers, caretakers, daughters, bill payers, book balancers and much more. Enjoy a woman’s smile when she offers it but don’t demand she do so because you don’t know what she’s balancing.