The Team

L to R: Alison, Akirah, Heather, Maggie

Heather Dougherty
Heather’s background in communications has led to a career in public relations and event planning. Motivated by her own experiences with street harassment, her passion for media relations has fused with the Hollaback! philosophy, and she’s spreading the word to the Pittsburgh community. She believes in the voice of a movement, and the power of sharing stories.

Maggie Graham
Maggie spends her days as a digital marketing and social media consultant, working with nonprofits to further their missions online. She’s passionate about the City of Pittsburgh, and that includes making the city a safer space for women and LGBTQ individuals. Maggie loves learning new things, meeting new people, ¬†and sharing new ideas. When not working with nonprofits or fighting to end street harassment, Maggie bakes, explores Pittsburgh, and knits.

Akirah Robinson
Akirah is a licensed social worker from Pittsburgh, PA. A survivor of partner abuse, Akirah is passionate about empowering women and speaking with them about the pursuit of healthy relationships. She holds a Masters in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh and has completed forty hours of domestic violence training for certified advocates. In addition to her work with women, Akirah owns a restaurant with her husband and in her free time, likes to play fetch with their hyperactive hound dog, Walker.

Alison Winters
Alison is currently a full-time graduate student at the Duquense University School of Education. She is passionate about equity in education, and empowering youth through knowledge and reflection. Alison also works for the Girls Coalition of Southwestern PA, a network of individuals and organizations that serve, support, and advocate for gender equity in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. Meaningful work, progressive thinking, and continuously learning and exploring new avenues for social equality are all very important elements in Alison’s life.