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Kit’s Story

I work in this area, and I have to walk through this intersection at least twice every day. There’s nowhere else to park, so I can’t avoid it. There are so many gross men on this street, and many of them hang out at this intersection. At first when I would walk past, sometimes they … Continued

New submission from A.C.

This creep put his business card in my bag. I didn’t notice him doing it. He wouldn’t leave me alone and wouldn’t stop begging me for my phone number. When I looked into my bag the card said he was a Pittsburgh gigalo named Mike. He was white, wearing sweatpants, about 5’10 and very unattractive. … Continued

Britt’s Story

Walking down the street near my apt with my mom, a guy wearing a black hoodie was walking down the opposite side of the street and kept staring at me, when I finally got to the end of the street I heard my mom say “Is there a problem ?” , I turned around and … Continued

A Survey on Street Harassment

Take the survey here! Hollaback has teamed up with Cornell University’s ILR School professor Beth Livingston to study the experiences and impacts of street harassment internationally, through cooperation with Hollaback’s many local activism sites. What are we doing? We are launching online surveys in countries on six continents, translated into multiple languages. Links to these surveys … Continued

Guest Mix on The Grey Estates

The Hollaback! Pittsburgh team paired up with the folks at The Grey Estates, a Pittsburgh-based music blog and zine. Our playlist is full of songs meant to empower us to take on the challenges we face every day – especially when we’re made to feel like lesser people through street harassment. Check out our post … Continued

Launch Party!

Join the Hollaback! Pittsburgh team (aka Maggie, Akirah, Heather, and Alison) to celebrate the launch of the new chapter. We’ll be at Verde (5491 Penn Avenue, 15206) from 7:00-9:00 p.m. If you want to learn more about Hollaback!, meet the team, or meet other people who are dedicated to ending street harassment, come to Verde! We’ll … Continued